Decorating a Dry Bar for Christmas

You might know by now that my dry bar is one of my most favorite places I love to decorate for the seasons and holidays. So it was a no-brainer that I’d be decorating it for Christmas this year. I knew I wanted to keep most elements of my year round dry bar the same. I just wanted to add some holiday touches here and there to add some festive cheer to my dining space.

I started with the trees. At first, I started with just the faux potted pine trees, but quickly felt I needed to add more into the space. I really wanted to add some red and gold, so bottle brush trees in those colors really helped the space pop. The next thing I found was a Christmas tree cutting board at Kirkland’s that I knew would be absolutely perfect to add to my collection of cutting boards. Christmas-colored M&M’s and mini candy canes were the next to be added into my glass canisters.

Next, I added some Christmas prints to my frames on the top shelf. I love line art, so I found reindeer, Christmas tree, and Santa prints on Etsy. I downloaded them to my laptop and printed them at Walgreens. I also found these adorable candy cane stripe appetizer plates to add where my usual white square ones go. This small berry wreath replaced the wall basket I had behind the wine glasses on the lower shelf.

The final touch I added was the Merry Christmas wooden garland. I used to tape my garlands, but after having them fall down several times, I have learned that hanging them with very tiny command hooks. They hang perfectly and don’t move an inch with the help of the command hooks!

A few simple decor additions really added some holiday vibes to this dry bar. Happy Holidays!

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