My Haunted Village

Every Christmas I create a Christmas village on my hearth room mantel. While shopping for Halloween decor this year, I stumbled upon a lot of metal “haunted houses” and some bottle brush trees in Halloween colors. I got the idea to create a Haunted Village on my mantle with a plethora of different haunted houses and trees. Two of my haunted houses were found at Kirkland’s and the rest were found at my favorite store…Target (of course). The bottle brush trees were all found at Target as well.

I varied my house shapes in the order I put them in. I also varied my tree placement in height and colors, and I layered some trees behind and some in front. I also stuck some stick-on bats on the wall and mirror above to make it look they were flying in from one of the windows. I found some velvet orange and black pillows for my swivel chairs from Target as well. Definitely adds to the spooky vibes!

Simple and cute….that’s how I like to keep my decor. What do you think of my Haunted Village?

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