DIY Wood Slat Wall

I love me some mid century modern. We have many elements of it in our home, such has our cognac leather sofas, our lounge chairs, and lots of geometric accent walls. I have been wanting to do a slat wall for quite awhile now, but I wasn’t sure which wall in our house would be perfect. We worked on our upstairs loft for some time, and it didn’t feel quite complete…it lacked a WOW factor, which I love for lots of spaces in my home to have. The loft is a large area in between my children’s rooms and has a cognac leather sectional, a built-in cabinet, a large TV, and floating shelves (more on those later). I had bought three hanging canvases with a photo of each of my kids from Smallwoods, but the long wall looked very plain. Hence, my perfect wall to build a slat wall!

First, we painted the wall Sherwin Williams “Iron Ore” in a satin finish. We highly recommend Cashmere for the paint type. It goes on silky smooth and covers so well with only one coat. Next, we measured our wall height and length (above the trim to the ceiling). Our wall was nearly 8 feet tall. Then, we took a trip to our favorite place to buy wood….Home Depot. We bought 1x2x8 select pine boards and a clear natural stain. Make sure the pine boards you get are straight and not bent/warped. When we got home, we had a few inches to cut off our boards, which we did with a table saw. Then we stained them on three sides. We went with a natural stain because we love the look of light natural wood all throughout our house.

Once those were dry, it was time to hang the boards. We used one board turned sideways as a spacer between each board. This was essentially 3/4 inches between the boards. We used a nail gun to nail the boards down on the wall. Once we started putting the boards up, it went pretty quickly! There were some spots on the wall that had outlets and a light switch. Make sure you cut your boards around those. Once it was finished, we hung black hooks to hang our wall canvases from. What a statement this wall makes!

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