How To Decorate Long Floating Shelves

I love love LOVE floating shelves. They are the perfect way to display beautiful decor, as well as family photos and other items that might have sentimental meaning. We had four very long built-in floating shelves put in our living room when we were building our house. When we moved in, I realized a lot of my current decor was going to be too small for these huge shelves. I knew I wanted to include lots of family photos, since I am a photographer…I just love displaying family photos and I’m constantly rotating out new photos. I went to Target and bought many wall frames of various metals/woods and sizes. I also knew I wanted to add in lots of faux greenery. Plants (faux or real) adds so much color and life to a space.

To start decorating, I divide the shelves into three parts in my mind. Doing this helps me group items together for a visually appealing display. I grouped photo frames together, mixing metals and woods. I then added in my faux greenery on different shelves, and placed them on different sides of the shelves. Then I added in vases, candlesticks, fun wall baskets, a clock with three books stacked under it. Varying heights is also an important thing to add visual differences and interest. It will take some playing around with your display to get it perfect. And you can always change up things as you go!

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